XIAOHONGSHU Shines at VOGUE Business Global Beauty Summit

2024/7/5 19:15:17

Pioneering the Next Wave of Innovation in the Beauty and Personal Care Industry

NEW YORK, July 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 25th, China's leading social media and lifestyle platform, XIAOHONGSHU was invited to the VOGUE Business Global Beauty Summit. At the summit, XIAOHONGSHU joined over 100 beauty brand founders, executives, and industry experts to analyze the latest trends and discuss the future of the beauty industry. The event provided a platform to explore new marketing strategies for the international beauty market, particularly from a Chinese perspective, aiming to guide the industry towards a path of quality-driven development.

The summit featured Chujing, Head of Personal Care Department at XIAOHONGSHU, alongside over 100 global brand executives and marketing specialists from prestigious international companies such as LVMH Beauty, Kering Beauty, Estée Lauder, L'Oréal, P&G, Unilever, and Coty. Together, they discussed strategies to tap into and leverage local markets in the face of global trends, sparking new inspirations in BPC solutions and driving the global growth of brands.

Themed "Beauty Across Borders: Global Brands, Local Strategies", the summit brought together key industry leaders, including Chujing; Anusha Babbar, Senior Vice President, Health & Wellbeing International at Unilever; and Shana Randhava, Senior Vice President, New Incubation Ventures at Estée Lauder. These executives engaged in a dynamic discussion about the rapidly evolving consumer demands in today's BPC industry. They also explored strategies to help both domestic and international companies maximize their potential in the fast-changing market.

“Beauty Across Borders: Global Brands, Local Strategies” Panel
“Beauty Across Borders: Global Brands, Local Strategies” Panel

Trends Emerge, Beauty Ascends

XIAOHONGSHU Spearheads Exploration of New Opportunities in the BPC Industry

As consumer demand for beauty products continues to evolve, many BPC brands are focusing on how to anticipate and capitalize on emerging consumer trends to drive business growth. The 2024 China Beauty Industry White Paper released by XIAOHONGSHU identifies eleven key trends that are shaping the future of the beauty sector. The trends include technology-based skincare, the new focus on skin health, relaxed luxury, the rise of Eastern influences, makeup innovation, emerging product popularity, layered enhancements, cultural revitalization, advanced facial care, upscale beauty solutions, and at-home beauty treatments. The new trends are gaining momentum on XIAOHONGSHU, positioning the platform as a leader in the BPC industry and creating new opportunities for brands.

XIAOHONGSHU Identifies Four Major Drivers of Beauty Transformation

Elevating "Groom & Bloom" Lifestyle Group to New Heights

XIAOHONGSHU has identified four core drivers that enhance the "Groom & Bloom" lifestyle group centered around activities related to "being beautiful": Self-empowerment, Personal Charisma, Demeanor, and Social Influence. Based on these pillars, XIAOHONGSHU has segmented Groom & Bloom lifestyle seekers into six major groups, providing fresh insights into the future growth and optimization of the BPC industry.

Self-empowerment | Wellness Seekers

For wellness seekers, life revolves around maintaining a set trajectory with an increasing awareness of the deep connection between physical beauty and overall well-being. They pursue holistic beauty and wellbeing, viewing beauty and skincare not just as a daily routine but also as a ritual of self-love

Personal Charisma | Trendy Explorers

Trendy Explorers are individuals, primarily in the initial phases of their growth, who are keen on experimenting with diverse looks. They explore and discover their personal potential and the variety of their charisma by trying different styles. Additionally, they draw inspiration from traditional culture, showcasing their unique oriental beauty in the Influence of Neo-Chinese Style scenarios.

Personal Charisma | Delicate Princess

Members of the Delicate Princess group are detail-oriented individuals, primarily unmarried and in the light-mature age. They have highly specific skincare needs, aspiring to embrace a lifestyle of Exquisite Beauty Care and Conveying Love.

Demeanor | Beauty Novice

Predominantly unmarried, this group focuses on adapting to and advancing their careers while navigating the initial stages of their professional lives. They are actively learning and practicing beauty and skincare techniques, with a focus on beauty learning as well as matched and appropriate beauty products.

Demeanor | Charismatic Elite

The Elite group is focused on building personal influence and expanding career possibilities as they ascend the career ladder. Their primary BPC needs revolve around appropriate demeanor, stable but open to experience, and balance and efficiency

Social Influence | Trend Setters

Trend Setters are individuals actively exploring new interests, typically childless and in the career advancement stage. They seek BPC products that incorporate pioneering beauty technology, influential aesthetics, and the art of fragrance.

By analyzing the unique motivations of various user demographics, XIAOHONGSHU's Top 20 Lifestyle Groups enable brands to gain a deep understanding of consumers' real lifestyles and consumption characteristics. This insight facilitates an efficient alignment of users, needs and products. The different Groom and Bloom groups not only drive new trends in the BPC industry but also offer fresh marketing insights to brands.

From Efficient Seeding to Comprehensive Conversion

XIAOHONGSHU Unveils a Three-Step Approach to Unlocking New Opportunities in the BPC Sector

As a natural seeding ground for brands, XIAOHONGSHU significantly influences users' purchasing decisions. With its unique community ecology and effective seeding capability, the platform enables BPC brands to unlock countless marketing possibilities. To promote quality growth within the BPC industry, XIAOHONGSHU aids brands in optimizing their marketing efforts by providing them with a three-step marketing approach encompassing efficient seeding, brand enhancement, and comprehensive conversion.

During the product seeding phase, brands can quickly and profoundly impact their core audience through XIAOHONGSHU's distinctive Reverse Funnel Audience Expansion. This model facilitates the expansion beyond the initial target demographic, enabling brands to rapidly unleash their potential and effectively manage their audience assets.

XIAOHONGSHU’s Reverse Funnel Audience Expansion
XIAOHONGSHU’s Reverse Funnel Audience Expansion

With its authentic and diverse content, XIAOHONGSHU has increasingly become a vital platform for user searches. The dedicated brand zone serves as a crucial marketing hub within the search realm, enhancing the conversion of content seeding by facilitating a deep connection between the target audience and the brand. Moreover, XIAOHONGSHU's marketing IP stands out with its relatable topics, refined aesthetics, diverse content, and comprehensive resource support, all of which help brands quickly expand target audience and amplify marketing efforts. In addition, brands can leverage XIAOHONGSHU's three conversion paths—on-site, off-site, and offline—to expedite the purchasing decisions of users and shorten the journey from interest to transaction.

Participating in the VOGUE Business Global Beauty Summit represents a significant step in XIAOHONGSHU's efforts to expand its influence in the global BPC market. As a premier marketing platform for international BPC brands entering the Chinese market, XIAOHONGSHU remains committed to collaborating with more partners within the industry to stay at the forefront of emerging trends. Together, they will explore innovative marketing strategies and seek out the keys to quality growth.